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What is Ceres?

Ceres is a healthcare supply chain solution. We have products and services from trusted manufacturers and distributors, and our volume allows us to negotiate some of the lowest prices in the industry.

What are the benefits of Ceres?

Ceres Purchasing Solutions plays an instrumental role in the relationship between healthcare providers and the companies supplying the products and services the industry demands. By giving small and medium-sized providers the opportunity to buy as a volume purchaser, Ceres negotiates some of the lowest prices in the industry so that providers gain better control over spending. Using Ceres may deliver a 10-25 percent reduction in your cost for purchasing products and services.

How do I become a Ceres Supplier?

You must first complete the Supplier Application.

We will review your information and keep it on file. When the time comes to do a formal bid, we will review the database for potential suppliers, and you will be contacted to participate in the bidding process. We will also use this database for occasional buys when looking for products not currently in our system.

I have a vendor number. Am I an approved supplier?

Not necessarily. Any vendor that has received a check from our Accounts Payable Department within the past two years has a number assigned to it. For your company to become an approved supplier, you must follow the process outlined in the “Suppliers” section.

What do you look for in a supplier?

We look for suppliers that can provide documented evidence of these characteristics in their products and services: quality, customer service, focus, savings, innovation and technology.

Exactly what do you mean by those characteristics?

We want suppliers who are committed to providing quality products and services and who provide responsive customer service . . . who are focused on continuous improvement and exceeding the customer’s expectations . . . who continually look for ways to help lower our costs . . . who stay ahead of the competition in solving today’s issues while investing time and research . . . and who take advantage of technology to maintain a competitive edge.

As an approved supplier, what can I expect from Ceres?

We provide our contracted suppliers as much information as possible on our customers and processes. We also give you access to the right audience for products and services . . . fair and equal treatment to you and your company so that you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the procurement process . . . and feedback regarding performance, changing business requirements and other business issues.

Does Ceres use E-commerce?

Working with our technology partner, Direct Supply Inc. (DSSI), we have created an internet-based private marketplace where you and our customers conduct business. By having your products on our site, the customer uses the correct information to order, and your invoice matches up with the electronic purchase order generated by our customers. This results in a streamlined process that eliminates cumbersome paperwork and administrative effort, saves time and saves resources.

Are all contracts negotiated at your corporate headquarters?

Most contracts are used by multiple facilities and are negotiated nationally at our corporate center. Some facility-specific contracts -- such as for lawn care, repairs, and some service contracts -- are managed at the individual facility. Contact us at info@CeresStrategies.com to see where your particular contract will be negotiated.

Can I send you literature or product samples for you to evaluate?

Ceres receives many calls each year from suppliers wanting to send literature for products we don’t eventually evaluate. We recommend that you contact the appropriate buyer before sending any literature or samples.