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Code of Conduct

As a supplier to our company, you provide quality products and services to our residents and patients — either directly or through alternate channels. With that privilege comes an important responsibility: You must adhere to the highest level of legal, ethical and moral standards. Our company expects this of you and all of our employees.

We count on every employee of our company and of the companies with which we do business to meet these standards through their hard work and commitment to their jobs. We are a results-oriented company, but the results we achieve must always be attained through solid execution of our strategies and decisions made with integrity.

The company Code of Conduct is our guide to ensure that we are making the right decisions for the right reasons. It also ensures that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations, serves as the conscience of our company, and offers the right guidance to handle situations that arise.

The Code of Conduct will be part of all contracts that are negotiated with our suppliers, or, if you wish, additional copies may be downloaded using the Code of Conduct link on this page. We expect our suppliers to be aware of the guidance within the Code of Conduct and to align their conduct to that guidance when dealing with our company and its employees. We send an annual letter to our suppliers to remind them of this policy.

The most important job each of us has is to ensure that our residents, patients and their families maintain a high level of trust in the care we provide. By diligently following our Code of Conduct and providing the highest quality of care, and conducting our business with ethics and integrity, we can be certain we will continue to earn and deserve their trust.


PDF Link Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (99kb)